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 textura fortis : Ultimate High End




textura fortis: LS Speaker cable

An impressive cable in all respects. With a cross section of 8.0 mm2, it is probably the most powerful solid-core cable available on the market. The specially shaped, rhodium plated cable terminations allow for connection without soldering or crimping: Highly pure oriented continuous cast copper from connection to connection - without any joint or interruption. The result is impressive.


- huge solid core conductors made of oriented continuous cast copper
- high purity polymers without plasticizers
- rhodium-plated contacts
- cryogenically treated and conditioned
- continuous conductors made of one piece from spade to spade
- cryogenically treated and conditioned
- unbalanced
- non-shielded





 textura : Gourmet High End




textura : LS single wiring [non-shield]

The cable high-end connoisseurs select to connect passive loudspeakers. Exquisite ingredients in a perfect blend are the formula; perfect sound balance and the subtlest details are the result.


- mass optimized gold plated 4.0 mm banana plugs
- solid core conductors made of continuous cast copper
- pigment and plasticizer free high purity polymers
- gold plated, mass optimized 4.0 mm banana plugs
- cryogenically treated and conditioned
- non-shielded





 vocalis : High End




vocalis : LS single wiring [non-shield]

With no other cable type the advantages of our concept are more explicitly shown than with speaker cables. Compared to other products we reduce the size of the boundary surface and the related negative effects in an extreme way. A difference you will clearly hear.


- solid-core conductors of 99.95% pure OFC-copper
- optimized cable design to minimize surface boundary
- cable coating with natural fibers
- with 4.0 mm Banana Plugs
- spades upon request
- non-shielded








   VOVOX textura Speaker cable