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Reed 3Q tonearm is dedicated for customers, who like to set up their audio equipment precisely using latest technology. Reed 3Q is equipped with laser, which allows to adjust VTA and azimuth very quickly and precisely (VTA precision +/- 0.1 mm, azimuth precision +/- 0.25 deg). It is very important after changing cartridges, because cartridge heights are different. As everyone may know, after every switch of cartridge VTF should be adjusted also. Using cartridges with high and medium compliance, VTA (SRA) should be adjusted every time after changing VTF. It is because VTF changes cause cantilever bending and changes of SRA. To get best sound quality, even after changing LP with different thickness (it can be from 0.8 mm to 3 mm), VTA should be adjusted accordingly.







Technical details

Tonearm base consists of two parts: the massive stand and moving part, made of solid metal. After adjusting tonearm height it is tightened to a stand. Such construction is rigid and stable. Height (VTA) adjustment is 20 mm, tolerance ±0.1mm. Bearings feature carbide tungsten points and sapphire thrust pad. Such bearings have a very low friction and minimal contact surface, reducing noise transmission from base to the cartridge. Lever antiskating mechanism is supported by ruby olive bombe bearings. Antiskating mechanism is dynamic. Antiskating force is constant while cartridge moves to the center of the plate. Ruby olive bombe bearings reduce mechanism friction to a minimum. Tonearm is statically balanced. To minimize "swinging" effect, counterweight is at the same horizontal level as the needle tip. Downforce range is from 10 mN to 30 mN. Currently our tonearm armtubes are made only from wood. After investigating various materials - metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber and, of course, wood, we came up to conclusion that our tonearms sound best (and have best acoustic properties) with armwands made from properly selected and processed wood. Armtube material also has significant impact to tonearms effective mass.



















High Fidelity mag

   Reed 3Q tonearm with AS Triple X









  • Effective length: 9.5’’ 10.5’’ 12’’
  • Mounting distance, mm: 223 251.6 295.6
  • Overhang, mm: 17 15.4 13.4
  • Offset angle, deg: 22.9 20.7 17.6
  • Effective mass: See details of each armwand material